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The Pittwater Wooden Boat School is an initiative of, and managed by  Larry Eastwood, a wooden boat owner tragic who wishes to see that his love and passion for wooden boats translated into improving the knowledge and understanding of construction and maintenance of wooden boats in order to demystify the challenges of owning a wooden boat and add to the numbers of wooden boats owners – especially on Pittwater.

Larry is joined in this challenge by Simon Sadubin of Sydney Wooden Boats and Ian Smith of Woodcraft Boats and formally of SWB. Both Simon and Ian will bring a life-time knowledge and expertise to the School.

Sydney Wooden Boats (formally Sydney Harbour Wooden Boats) has recently relocated from Chowder Bay to Darley Street, Mona Vale. Their work includes the restoration of many notable harbour boats such as SAO, DAISEY, RIMINI, MERLIN, MONSOON.

The school has classes which aim to promote wooden boat ownership by giving participants the ability to create and build their own small craft and / or to be able to restore and maintain older craft. The courses are recreational in nature and are aimed at all levels of expertise, from student youths to retirees who have spent a life time pushing a desk.  It is however presumed each participant will have a certain amount of practical ability and be familiar with wood workshop tools.

Own Project

Bring a project of your own. This may be the construction of a new dinghy, kayak etc. It may be a restoration of a dinghy or similar. It may also be a small project, such as a skylight, hatchway or piece of furniture. Plans are also available for own project builds of Stitch and Glue Dinghy, Whiting Skiff, Traditional Clinker Dinghy.

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Restoration Project

Work as a group on the restoration of a traditionally built small boat. The choice of project will vary from term to term.

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New Modern Build Project

Work as a group on a new build of a small Strip-Planked Outboard Skiff. The new build is to be a Ocean Pointer which has been drawn from a traditional small ( 19’ 6” ) Bass Boat of East Coast Maine origins.

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New Traditional Build Project

Work as a group on a new build of a Traditional Clinker Dinghy. The build will either be the Pee-Wee ( 6’ 11” ) or the Petrel ( 7’ 6”). The choice of timbers will vary from build to build.

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Simon Sadubin – Shipwright  & Tutor
Ian Smith – Shipwright & Tutor
Larry Eastwood – Manager

Simon Sadubin

Simon Sadubin served his time at Timber Boat Services in Snails Bay - one of the last traditional boatyards in Balmain. He trained under ex-Cockatoo Island shipwrights Richard Wood and Nigel Shannon.

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Ian Smith

In a career covering more than thirty years, Ian has has built and restored all manner of boats both traditional and modern. He set up the Sydney Wooden Boat School in 1989…

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Larry Eastwood

Larry has spent the majority of his working life as a Designer / Art Director for Theatre , Film and Television. Larry was a co founder of the Nimrod Theatre, now Belvoir Theatre.

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